Global Meetings Industry Day – April 14, 2016

Happy Global Meetings Industry Day! Congratulations to all those who celebrate today to help the world understand and recognize the importance of business events and the economic impact that they offer to our communities.

Our mission is to help the Canadian Business Events Industry thrive. In 2016, we are certainly endeavouring to make that happen. We are here to tell the story of our industry, what business events mean… driving business, economic impact, fueling growth and development of our communities, job creation and innovation. Business Events are vital to Canadian life, have a direct impact on the Canadian economy and play a significant role in supporting Canada’s international business and investment objectives.

Collaboratively we need to stand strong and work together to prove that business events bring benefits to our communities and economy. We need to showcase our value externally to government, corporate Canada and academia.

Business Events are big business and the industry’s position and footing is strong. The BEICC is here to ensure that our impact on Canadian life is heard and understood. We are working very hard to tell that story and have made great progress to ensure and measure the success of business events in Canada.

In December 2015, we announced the launch of the collection of new data for the Canadian Economic Impact Study. BEICC has partnered with Ryerson University to implement the next iteration of the study and we are currently in full swing of data collection. The data that this study provides to and about our industry certainly validates business events are big business.

Canada’s market share of the industry has been in a consistent decline over the past 3 decades. In 1970 Canada was the world’s second most popular destination next to Italy, in 1990 we were 10th and in 2011 we slipped to 18th trailing countries such as Ukraine and Saudi Arabia.
Highlighting this data has provided the BEICC with an opportunity to have a seat at the table with provincial government. To date, we have met with Minister Coteau and have been invited to participate in focus groups with government to share and understand the value that our industry contributes to our economy. Our goal in the coming months is to continue discussions at all levels of government.

In May, the BEICC will be presenting some new initiatives to the Destination Marketing Association of Canada highlighting new tools that can standardize the calculation of the economic footprint of a business event in a given destination. As we move forward, we will be looking to you for input on additional tools that we can develop and share to ensure the continued success of the Business Events Industry.

Your voice is important and should be heard. I encourage you to each participate by completing the Canadian Economic Impact Survey. Make your voice heard. Help us collect the data so valuable in sharing the importance of what we do. Got to to access the CEIS Survey.
I would like to thank you for your continued support of our industry. To quote a great industry leader and good friend – ‘Only when we come together, can we build together.’ The BEICC will continue to advocate for our industry. Remember…. Business events are big business –

Rose Timmerman Gitzi, 2016 BEICC Chair